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Why Love Is So Hard To Find

You know nowadays its very hard to find love. Its like no one is wanting that togetherness like it use to be. What happened to meeting someone, dating, falling in love, getting married? I’ll tell you what happened The Internet along with other reasons. After this internet dating started all this meeting someone by chance stopped. I know alot of single people both male and female its like mating season for us has stopped. Why do people not want to be married anymore? In my opinion there can be many reasons. Here are a few I have come up with. The main one I believe is.

1. Being hurt by the one you did love you just don’t want to try again. For some its because when you were in a relationship or married and for one reason or two or three it was a bad relationship. It just makes some people not want to try again in fear of being hurt again. This one is very hard to get over for alot of us. Why though? I believe no matter what you should never give up on love. It was not meant for us to live this life alone.

2. There are so many fake people in this world now. Why do people deceive other people so much? Have they ever heard of karma? Some men and women don’t have good intentions to start with. They are deceitful from the beginning using other people to get what they want. Thats not what relationships are about. Its about two people working together to get what they both want together. Not one pretending to love the other to get what they want. Marriage is you and your mate as a team of two loving and working together as one.

3. Some people just don’t want to be in a relationship or be married. Yes there are some people that enjoy being single. The only thing they want is sex. They enjoy going from person to person just having sex and that is all they want period. I truly believe there are more of this type than any other except crazy. I’ll talk about that one in a minute. Alot of people pretend to want to be in a relationship just to get sex. After they get the sex they are gone not to be heard from again. This is very dangerous with all these STD’S out here.

4. Crazy or should I say Mentally Unstable. There are actually crazy people out here preying on men, women, boys and girls. They go around seeking people they can pretend to love or want to be in a relationship with and they will actually kill you. I suggest when you first get a sign that something is just not right with someone you are dating or getting to know, Run. I mean as fast as you can you better get this person out of your life. Before you end up not having a life.

5. Internet Dating has taken the place of chance meeting and dating. Me personally I still prefer the chance meeting and dating. It just seems like alot of people have forgot how to approach someone in person and actually have a conversation. What happened to saying Hello to someone you are interested in getting to know? I know the way things are today we need to be careful. But there are some times when you can still meet by chance.

I’ve touched on just a few reason’s Why Love Is So Hard To Find but there are many other reasons. Let me leave you with this. If you are looking for love it will find you never give up no matter what.

5 thoughts on “Why Love Is So Hard To Find”

  1. I think you are right on all counts in this post, but I think the largest sector is #2. Everyone has become so self serving these days, and does not care about anyone else but themselves, so how could they love anyone else?


  2. Hi, I love your blog, very helpful indeed. I have shared it. Please take a look at mine and share too! I’ll keep following! xx


  3. It is the kind of women nowadays that are everywhere that make it very difficult for many of us men really looking for a very serious relationship since most of these women certainly do have a very severe mental problem unfortunately, especially the ones that like to curse at us men for no reason at all when we will just say good morning or hello to them. Oh boy, most of these women really do need help very badly.


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