5 Ways To Help You Make It Through Your Situations

In life we all go through situations rather good or bad. Its not about what we go through its how we handle what we go through. I know life can be over whelming at times but we still must push on each and everyday. I’ve always considered myself a strong minded woman but even I have my days we all do thats apart of life. In those days that seem a little harder you need to push a little more. These 5 things help when you think you can’t make it through.

1.Praying is the most important thing when it seems like you can’t make it. But you dont need to just pray when something hard comes on you you need to do it in good times as well. You see taking your situations to God is very important he wants you to realize he’s the one you can depend on in your time of need.

2. Dont think about your situations too much. Alot of times we over think our situations and thats when the situation seems harder. I know because its happened to me.As long as you go on with your life not dwelling on your situation everthing is good but as soon as you start thinking about it more the worse it gets. Your mind can play tricks on you So be careful of your thoughts.

3. Dont ever think you are alone. Because nine times out of ten someone else is going through something too. Its just not the same thing you are going through. We all go through it that’s life nobody said it would be easy for us. We just need to know who to call on.

4. Hearing the true word of God will help. I dont’t know how anybody else feels about going to church, I just know how I feel. It’s just something about hearing the word of God that gets me through. Just knowing that hearing teaching and preaching about the word will make everything alright. I can sit in a Church Service all day listening to songs of praise and good preaching, to me thats a wonderful feeling.

5. You have to realize somethings we go through or see others go through we just dont understand. Somethings are just not for us to understand. That’s when we should leave it alone but we don’t. We take it upon ourselves to try to fix it but end up making it worse. Then we call on God to fix it when we should have took it to God in the first place. I know because I’ve done the same thing.

Life would be so much easier for us when we put our situations in God hands. Instead of thinking we can handle them ourselves. Thats why it’s so important to know him. We make things worse than what they need to be. All we need to do is take our burdens to the Lord and leave them there.

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