Using A Child For Revenge and Hatred Is Abuse Of The Child

I wrote this that maybe the person that needs to read it will and do the right thing for this child. Also I know there are alot of other families that are going through or been through the same situation.

I will never understand why people that claim they love a child would put a child through so much pain and hell. To see this child go through so much pain in her young life is heart breaking especially with her losing the two most important people in her life. So why would you interrupt her life and try to turn her against the family that truly loves and cares for her. My motto always has been Actions Speak Louder Than Words! The actions you are showing now is abuse of this child.

Some people have lied, to this child about alot of things. So confused about what’s right and what’s wrong. I don’t blame the child I blame these adults for using this child against her family. How can anyone have that much hate to do this. I don’t understand how they can’t see how its affecting the child. Your feelings don’t matter period only the child. You are suppose to do whats in the best interest of the child. Are you doing that? No you are using her for revenge and hatred.

God is the only person that can stop this. Him and one more person but he has hate for the family too and it is ridiculous. For one thing all these people are doing this out of Revenge and Hatred. Why does it make you feel better? We all are suppose to forgive and love one another. If someone in your life has wronged you, you are suppose to go to that person and solve it. Not use a child for revenge and hatred. I’m so afraid nothing good is gonna come out of this. The only thing we can do is pray that everything is gonna be alright.

God is love. The way this world is now and everything that is going on. People we are close too are dying. We don’t know when its our time. We need to show love towards one another not Revenge and Hatred.

God I’m asking for a miracle on this, cause we really need it.

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