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5 Reasons To Help You Handle The Stresses Of Everyday Life

Earlier on when I first started blogging I wrote an article titled 5 Ways To Cope With Stress. When you get a chance try to go back and read it. That article is ways I personally deal with stress. Each one of us handles stress in different ways. Today I’m writing about 5 Reason’s To Help You Handle The Stresses Of Everyday Life. Stress is very serious and it can cause all types illnesses in tbe body such as high blood pressure, hair loss, stomach problems and headaches. but the type of stress I’m talking about today is the mental and emotional kind.

In the Gallop Poll it says 44% of Americans frequently feel stress. The main two reasons for stress are work and Family. Some other reasons are time management, money, being in a bad relationship, and you can have political stress. All these stresses can take a toll on a person’s mind. Especially when you don’t have someone in your life to talk to about it. This comes to my reasons why you need to handle it, also you need to be strong to with stand these stresses in your life.

These young people especially can’t wait to grow up and be grown. Some even have to grow up faster because of situations at home. Then when they do grow up alot of them can’t handle the stresses of adult hood. Its too much for them mentally and emotionally.

When I was younger I got in a situation that was because of me trying to be grown. Believe me when I say it was a struggle. I consider myself a strong minded woman. But I’ve been stressed also. I find the best way to handle it is to talk to the right people. Here are four reasons why we need to handle our stresses.

1. You need to deal with stress before it deals with you. Stress is silent it will run up on you and you want even know what happened. Have you in dark places that only God and medication can get you out.

2. Talk To Someone About Your Stress. Talk, Talk and Talk some more. Talking to someone about your stress will help you alot but the people you talk to need to have a positive impact on you not negative. You can’t just talk to anybody about it. The wrong person will have your business in the streets. Talk to someone you trust.

3. Pray, Prayer Changes Things. I know it will because I’ve prayed before and it has completely turned a situation around. Some people don’t know how to pray. Just talk to God like you talk to anyone else he hears you.

4. Don’t stay around what stressed you out in the first place, this makes it worse. Staying in that bad relationship, or that bad job, will make you miserable. It will literally make you sick. That’s not good period. So get out of that situation quick. Believe me you will feel better.

5. Relax your mind and your body. This is a great way to handle stress just lay down and relax. Don’t do anything just try to clear your mind and relax. Sometimes just laying down and being still will do wonders for you

Mental and emotional stress will take a toll on your everday life.We all go through struggles in life. God never said it would be easy but he did say he would help us in our time of need. All we need to do is ask him for help. Also ask for help from someone you trust.

We all go through stress in our lives no matter what type it is. It’s up to us to get the help we need to handle it.

29 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Help You Handle The Stresses Of Everyday Life”

  1. Such a lovely list of suggestions on how to cope with and work through stress. I love that you shared the importance of talking with someone. It’s never weak to ask for help. It’s human. And so brave and awesome! Whether it be with a friend or a counselor, you are rocking it! I’d also add that meditation is another great de-stressing option 🙂

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  2. It’s SO important to make time for relaxation! The “hustle-hard” mentality often, contributes to us feeling like we’re never doing enough, but what you say is very true… We have to deal with the stress before we get to a point at which we’ve caused ourselves too much damage! I believe that we have to take care of our minds and bodies before we take care of anything/anyone else!

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  3. Good read…Stress has become so popular these days and its because of our busy lives and socializing online…It’s good to go out on fresh air, feel the rain, talk to someone face to face, not face-time. Go for walk, do some gardening, eat healthy food and read some books…touch the paper.

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