We Can’t Teach Our Boy’s To Be Men

community-fun-group-13918This is my opinion and my opinion only. What I’m writing about now I feel there is a serious need for this to be said. There are alot of single mother’s out here trying to raise their son’s by ourselves. We single Mother’s can teach our son’s alot but we can’t teach them to be a man. I have three son’s myself and raising them alone has been very hard. Each one is so different in many ways. I have tried my best to raise them right. But sometimes I question myself have I done my best. I feel in my heart I have but I see area’s where I know their Dad was needed.

I truly believe the problem with our young men today is because there’s not a dad or a positive male figure in their life. There’s so much a woman can truly teach her son. I have always talked and talked to my son’s but I feel they need to see the way a man is and that is to have a dad in the home or a be around someone that has a positive influence on them. These young men need the interaction with a good male role model in their life. To me the most important is to teach him to put God first. To teach him how to be a man. How to take care of himself. How to take care of his family when he gets one. How to love, especially himself. What kind of friend’s and so called friend’s to hang with. How to protect his back. How to protect his family back. How to interact with people especially the cop’s. The single mother’s can’t teach our young men these things we just can’t. Oh how I wish these Dad’s knew how important it is to be in their son’s lives. Then maybe these young men wouldn’t have such a hard time dealing with these things alone.

We love our son’s, Lord knows I do. I’m going to do what ever I can to help my son’s. I’m going to do what ever I need to do to help my son’s. These boy’s think we don’ t love them but we’re just trying to protect them from the evils of this world. I am strict as a parent I aways have been it was out of love to protect them. They got mad at me believe that. I just want them to realize its out of love that I have for them.

The young men are also growing up to fast. Some feel they have to be the man in the house because there isn’t a man in the house. No you don’t be what you are the child and when its time to be a man be a man. Thats not your place you don’t even need to be thinking about that. Go play with your trucks and cars and don’t worry about grown folks business.

I truly hope some of these dad’s thats not with their sons read this and think I need to be in my son’s life to raise him and teach him to be the proud young man I know he was meant to be. Its so important for you dad’s to be in your sons’ life. If only you knew the importance. I pray this gets better if not we’re going to have more lost young men.community-fun-group-13918504403825.jpg

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