Love Your Mother


Since this Sunday May 13, is Mother’s Day. I’m writing this post about Loving Your Mother’s. I know there are alot of children and their Mother’s that don’t get along. Why? for so many crazy different reason’s. This is the person that brought you into this world. Maybe you did not realize it but so many things could have happened during the birth of bringing you into this world. I guarantee you no two births are alike, each one is totally different. Just for that one reason alone is reason enough to Love Your Mother What ever difference’s you have fix it, cause once your Mother passes on from this life you will never get another.

I tell you before my Mother passed away we would go and do alot of things together, shopping, yardsales, go out to eat, just to name a few. Everyday I would call her. Most of the times I would try to go by the house everyday, especially on Sunday mornings to eat Sunday breakfast. Yes my Mother could cook and all her Sister’s could too. My mother was my best friend. Today I can even catch myself doing and saying some of the same things that she did, all I do is smile and say I get it from my Mama. I’m just letting you know that I loved my Mother dearly. To be honest it took alot out of me when she passed on. Every Mother’s Day is sad but I know she is always with me.

Just Love Your Mother for she deserves it. It’s a love like no other. This Mother’s day for those that still have your Mother and if you are not getting along go do something special for her. I know she will love it. I sure wish I could do something special for mine. To any one thats a Mother reading this. Happy Mother’s Day.

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