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Why You Should Never Teach Two Teenager’s To Drive At The Same Time

Before I even started teaching my youngest son and oldest granddaughter to drive I knew it going to be a learning experience for me and believe me it truly is. Yes, you did read that correctly I have a granddaughter and son the same age. That’s another story I will post later. I knew better to even start because teaching kids to drive was something I never enjoyed doing. I did teach my daughter to drive but my two oldest son’s I just couldn’t deal. I was torn about teaching them mainly because I’m not looking forward to them driving. These highways are very dangerous and you need to be alert at all times or should I say these people out here driving are dangerous. So I’m going to share this teaching/learning experience with you. At the very beginning I kept asking myself what are you thinking about teaching these two to drive and at the same. Then it was like girl you can do it. So I’m determined to teach these two young people to drive.

The Permit

The first thing I told them to do was read the Driver Manual that way they would know the rules that I missed. Well let me tell you it took them awhile to get their permits. Why? because they were determined they were not going to read the Driver Manual. “I looked at it” my Son says. “I have read some of it” said my Granddaughter. I told them we were not going any futher until they read. Finally one day I asked and they said yes I read it. But to be honest I don’t know for sure if they did or not. Anyways I was like ok I’m taking you to get your permits and I will know for sure if you read it. They did not go at the same time, but each one received their permits on the same day they went. So the fun begins.

The Driving Lessons

I’m going to start from when the first time I let them behind the wheel. I tell you I was a nervous wreak. I actually thought my heart was going to jump out my chest. I know what you thinking wow is she sure she’s the one that need to be teaching these young people how to drive. Believe me I thought the same thing. You have to know I haven’t taught anyone else to drive since 1997 or 1998 but I finally calmed down and handled my business. But I know one thing I’m going to do is find a parking lot lol and we going to practice there first. and thats what we did. The first lesson is keeping the car straight and making turns. Let me tell you they did good and being in the empty parking lot practicing wasn’t’ bad at all. We kept going back to the parking lot for a couple of weeks until they were comfortable enough to drive on the streets. On the next driving lesson they start driving on the back streets where there is not alot of traffic like in our neighborhood. They practice stopping at stop signs and making turns right well my Granddaughter runs a stop sign. I told her to stop my vehicle right there and I got in the drivers seat and drove home. That was the end of that lesson for the day, making my blood pressure go up lol.

Here are my Why’s Never To Teach Two Teenager’s To Drive At The Same Time.

1. They Will Team Up On You. My Son was driving alittle to fast for me one day. I’m like you’re driving too fast. My Granddaughter said actually Nana he’s driving about five miles over the limit. Then he starts thats not too fast. I said yes it is go the speed limit. We went back and forth about this until I told both of them to be quiet. I believe I got a headache that night.

2. They Don’t want To Listen To My Driving Instructions. When each one makes a mistake I always explain to them what they did wrong. Well they just don’t want to listen. Instead of them listening they have something cute to say so we end up going home, cause we are upset.

3. Now They Think They The Driving King And Queen. What been driving for a minute now and they know everything even things I don’t know. They both making mistakes not bad ones but I’m telling them to always watch what they are doing and the main thing to keep their eyes on the other drivers.

4. Saving the best one for last. It’s Taking Them Too Long To Get Their Drivers License. Now wait you are probably saying its the teachers’ fault. I say no its not these young people are not in a hurry to get their license. They were very excited to get their permits but the license no. If you noticed I never wrote The Drivers License. Its been a few months now and we are still doing the lessons. In Kentucky you have to wait six months after you get your permit to go try for your license. But its been way over six months for them both. To be honest these two have gotten the best of me. One night after a heavy discussion I told them they are going to have to get someone else to help them. Mainly because these lessons should have been over months ago. I keep telling them go get your license.

To let you know they both are good drivers. They do need to practice on a couple of more things. With school and work taking up alot of their time its hard for them to get some good driving time in. Hopefully they will get their drivers license soon. I have more Grandchildren that have a few years before they start driving. Believe me someone else will be teaching them.

7 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Teach Two Teenager’s To Drive At The Same Time”

  1. My daughter and my brother are 8 months apart so we have the same story line. I sure hope my mom decides to teach them how to drive because the way my patience is set up 🤦🏾‍♀️


  2. Very entertaining, thanks for sharing. A couple of years ago When my brother in law was studying for his permit, he said ” is there an app for this .” Lol I died laughing 😂😂🤣


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