The Reason Why I’m Here Today

In life we all go through ups and downs. You know we’re suppose to, life isn’t suppose to be easy. We live our lives everyday not knowing whats going to ahappen. You see we do have someone that we can count on through the bad times.

I’ve been through alot of ups and downs and if it hadn’t been for God I don’t know where I would be. Wait, I do know where I would be dead. I’ve been dealing with pain the majority of my life. When I was seventeen years old I was in a bad car accident, the driver died. It was four of us in the car that night, we all could have died. Yes, it was that bad. So I know God is the reason I’m here today. The pain I’ve been in since the accident most people can’t handle it. I also have a work related injury  I am still getting treated for today. Most people would have gave up. I wanted to because I was feeling defeated. Why I haven’t because I actually heard “Jane everything is going to be alright.” Since then everything has been alright. I have went through life knowing who’s got me, I know its God.

Some people don’t believe in God but everything we have is because of him. Everything that happens to us is because of him. He allows things to happen in our lives good and bad. That’s why it’s best to stay prayed up. I know I do. So if you going through somethings right now. Always remember pray and ask God to help you. I know he will cause he helps me still.

33 thoughts on “The Reason Why I’m Here Today”

  1. I’ve been through ups and downs as well. It’s truly a great feeling when talking to God and asking for His guidance whatever circumstances we are in.


  2. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

    God is so good an faithful… He takes the horrible things in our lives and turns them around to be used for good! Blessings to you!


  3. This is such a good point! I was also in a car wreck that I could have been super bad off. It left permanent scars, only on my face and earned me a ride in the Life Flight copter. Amazingly, no broken bones, no internal bleeding. Just a totaled car and a good hard look at what I was going with my life. Praise to the God who gives second (and third, forth, fifth, sixteenth) chances!


  4. Amen! I think it’s so important to share stories like this to help others know they aren’t alone. Thank you so much for sharing and being so strong! God Bless ❤


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