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The High School Shooting Threat

We send our children to school everyday not thinking about if there could be another school shooting and if it could happen here. Now with all the school shootings and threats we need to think about this more often.

It was a few days after the Marshall County High School in Kentucky and the Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida school shootings. I was sitting at my daughter’s house talking to my seventeen year old granddaughter, when my cell phone rings. It was the High School’s automated phone system. When he started talking about a shooting threat, I was in shock. I didn’t know it had been a shooting threat. When I got off the phone I was upset because my granddaughter and son hadn’t mentioned this to me also the school was just now informing us about a threat that happened a week earlier. I asked my granddaughter if she knew about the threat and her response was, “I knew about it but I don’t know what happened.” How would you feel if a shooting threat happened at your child’s school and you didn’t hear anything about it until a week later? We trust the school system to keep us informed  about any threats or wrong doings at the schools.

Later on when I asked my son did he know about the school shooting threat his response was ” yes” okay I said what happened? My son went on to say ” the guy that did the threat was being laughed at by his classmates because he had ripped his pants. He didn’t like it and made the threat to the class.” Apparently the student that made the threat was suspended from school for a week. The next day he was to return to school. The reason for the phone call from the school was some of the parents knew about the incident and were concerned. My opinion is if all parents were informed about it the day it happened instead of a week later, it would have been a lot more parents concerned. I know my daughter and I were.

It’s been a lot of school shooting threats just here in Kentucky in the last few weeks. It’s been alot of school shootings in the last few weeks and years and this has to stop. A lot of innocent lives are being taken. Why? Because mainly the shooter’s are angry. Back when I was younger when you get upset with another student a fist fight would happen, either right there or after school. You would get in trouble but no one lost their life. I know times have changed. The children now don’t have respect for anything: their parents, siblings, property, a life or even themself. All they want to do now is kill and it doesn’t matter who. Why is it so easy for a young person to get a weapon?

Why are these young people’s parents not paying attention to them? Each one of these young people had to show signs that something was wrong. Parents need to pay more attention to their children, talk with their children. See where they are going and who they are hanging around with. As for me, my youngest son is seventeen. I’m asking him any and everything. Are you okay? Who are you talking to on the phone? Where are you going? Who with? Do I know them? He gets upset with me but I don’t care. I’m his parent and its my right to know these things. Our Government needs to have better gun laws. But I believe parents need to pay more attention to their children. Parents please talk with your children and let them know they are loved.

The children that are dealing with issues such as bullying, fighting, being laughed at, or whatever reason needs to talk to their parent about these problems. If not a parent, talk to an adult they are comfortable with such as a teacher, coach, counselor or pastor. Talk to someone before it escalates into a shooting. It starts at home. It should stop at home.

5 thoughts on “The High School Shooting Threat”

  1. Thank you for saying this. Everyone is so quick to blame the guns or the video games or whatever else. But blame changes nothing. I agree that fixing these problems starts at home with the kids. As a parent, it is my job to care for my son. That includes physically, but also emotionally and socially and psychologically. He’s a toddler now, but as he grows, I am going to be that mom that asks questions, that gets involved, that drives him to the brink of insanity for being in his business…because that is my job. If he struggles, I will help him, or find someone who can. I think if more parents were more involved with their teens lives, these incidents would decrease drastically.

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