Life Lesson

A Night I Will Never Forget

Halloween night of nineteen eighty-one, was not a good night for me. Earlier in the day I was getting my outfit together for a party, I was going to later that night. Little did I know the events of the night would change drastically and would affect me the rest of my life.

Well first I was angry at my boyfriend Steve. We had been arguing throughout the day, about something stupid as usual. After awhile I went to visit my mother just to get away from the situation. I had to go there anyway because my mother was going to babysit my daughter. We sat and talked awhile. Then I went back home. When I got there Steve was still not in a good mood, so the argument continued. I had enough of the fussing so I left.

I walked around for a while and then I saw my cousin Mary Ann and her boyfriend Melvin. They were sitting in his car hanging out waiting to go to the party. I went and got in the car with them. Within a few minutes Steve came and got in the car also. I noticed Melvin had been drinking by the way he was talking. We sat in the car for a while talking about different events. Then Melvin said “I’m going to get something else to drink.” Since he was leaving out of the apartment complex and our apartment was in that direction we stayed in the car. Steve and I told him to let us out when we get to our apartment, but instead of Melvin stopping the car he sped up. At that point I didn’t know what to think, so we stayed in that car riding. He did stop to get something else to drink, but he never took us home. We rode on many different streets that night some I knew some I didn’t. Steve and Mary Ann were trying to get him to stop but he wouldn’t for awhile anyway. When he did stop Mary Ann and I got out of the car, then Melvin drove off. They eventually came back to get us but we refused to get in. After talking for awhile they convinced us to get back in the car. We had no idea as to what was about to happen. We rode around it seemed like hours. I kept wishing the car would run out of gas so it would stop.

Finally we were within one mile from our home’s, but we all knew we were going to have an accident by the way Melvin was driving. Mary Ann told Melvin to slow down because he was going to hurt us, Melvin said “I wouldn’t hurt any of you we’re Family I love you.” He swerved to miss an area in the street then all of a sudden the car started spinning. I could feel glass hitting my face and it kept spinning then the car stopped. No one said anything for a few minutes until Steve asked me was I okay. I told him I was but in reality I wasn’t. We got out of the car Steve looked at me and said “Jane your head”. I could feel blood gushing out of my head. Then he said “your arm” my arm was dangling from my elbow. Steve got a cloth out of the car to put on my head so the bleeding could stop. Suddenly a man appeared to help us. While the man was helping me Steve left to get more help. I never saw him again that night.

The man help me stand up against his car while he went to help Mary Ann and Melvin. While I was standing there I started praying I wouldn’t die. It took hours for the ambulance to arrive. Why? When they finally got here. the Medical team helped Mary Ann and Melvin first. By the time they got to me I was hurting so bad and I was weak. I thought I was going to pass out. When they got to me I was laid on a bed they cut the sleeve off my jacket. I looked and I saw my bone sticking out from my skin. One of the men told me not to look but he was too late. I had already seen it. I was finally put in the ambulance Mary Ann was already in there. I didn’t recognize her. I grabbed her hand turned my head and started crying.

When we arrived at the hospital all our family members were there, and I was so glad to see everybody. Mary Ann’s mother, fainted when she saw her. We were put in separate rooms. Our immediate families were the only one’s allowed in the room’s with us. After the Dr exam a nurse came in and told me “we’re sending you to the Medical Center in Bowling Green Ky.” Mary Ann was transferred to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville Tn. While I was at the Medical Center I found out Melvin had died. I ended up getting stitches in my head. Also having surgery that lasted a few hours on my left arm and getting a cast from my fingers to my shoulders. Mary Ann had surgery on her face and had to get her teeth fixed. Steve never went to the hospital. To this day I don’t know why.l A few days later Melvin’s family had his funeral. I wanted to go but the Dr said no.

It’s been over thirty-seven years since that accident and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Mary Ann doesn’t remember anything about that night. I truly believe God blocked it from her mind. Steve, Mary Ann and I still have pain today from this accident. What I was taught never let a friend or anyone you know Drink and Drive. Don’t get in a vehicle with anyone that has been Drinking. Don’t you Drink and Drive. We had always wondered what was on Melvin’ mind that night. Now we’ll never know.

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