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5 Ways To Cope With Stress

Coping with stress is all about taking charge and the way we deal with our problems. In our lives we deal with stress everyday rather it’s from bills, family, work, our health issues or school. I personally don’t know how anyone else copes with stress, but a few ways I do are by praying, drinking my favorite beverage, shopping, singing and dancing. Doing anyone of these or all you will be able to cope in many situations.

There’s a saying “Prayer Changes Things” well that saying is true. When you’re stressing you can pray anywhere you feel like praying at home, in the car, at work or school. Pray in the morning even before your day starts you might notice your day going a lot better. Praying is a powerful way of coping with stress.

Another way to cope with stress is just sit down be still and drink your favorite beverage  “mine is sweet tea”. Drinking my sweet tea when I’m stressing always makes me feel better. Just stop whatever you’re doing sit down, relax and drink your favorite beverage, don’t think about anything. Sitting quietly drinking your favorite beverage is a good stress reliever.

Shopping is another way to cope with stress and we all need a good reason to shop. Just remember not to spend more than you intended. Buy something for yourself, that will always make you feel better. By the time you leave the mall you’ll be smiling and have forgotten all about what you were stressing about. Go ahead try it for yourself you can thank me later.

Singing and dancing are fun ways to cope with stress. I put these two together because you can’t do one without the other. When you’re stressing try listening to music. Some types of music I listen too are Gospel, Rock and R&B, You can choose your preference of what you like to listen too. Just listening to the music will relieve the stress. You’ll get carried away by the beat of the music and start singing and dancing. By the time the music goes off you’re no longer stressed and you feel good. I would recommend singing and dancing to anyone that wants to cope with stress.

Stress is common to everyone. Our bodies are designed to feel stress and react to it. When stress persists the body begins to break down and illness occurs, such illness as high blood pressure and heart disease. The best way to cope with stress is to accept situations as they are. Each individual has a unique response to coping with stress. So focus on what makes you feel calm and in control.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Cope With Stress”

  1. I am still learning to cope with stress and i tell you, it is nothing but the truth that stress comes in different forms. Just few days ago, i cried myself to sleep for helplessly feeling so stressed. I woke up feeling a lot better.


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