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Love Will Happen When It’s Time

In life we go thru many twists and turns. Believe me I know I’ve had many myself. The life we dream about may never happen. We’re not in control of that God is. Our lives were planned out before we were even born.

Take love for example, we’re gonna meet all types of people in our lives. Some you’ll click with some you won’t. That’s ok you’re not suppose to click with everybody. Most of the time the one you know you don’t need is always the one you want. Also the one that you know is good for you, you’ll find something wrong with him or her and that’s the end of that. Then as you get older and wiser you’ll start remincing about the good one that got away.

My advice too you is take your time in finding love. It will happen when its time. It might not happen when you want it to happen but it will. The problem with us is we want results now.

Think about when you put something in the microwave, you stand there and wait then when you take it out it might be ready it might not. If not it goes back in cause it wasn’t ready.

Love is the same way. After a few days, weeks or months you’re in love. You’ll move in together, get married, have children. But after a few days, weeks or months together you find out somethings about the one you’re with and then you want to give him or her back. You would’ve waited longer before you took the situation to that level, it wasn’t ready. That’s why there’s so many divorce’s, spouse abuse, and even death happens. We don’t take our time in getting to know the one we choose. Take your time don’t rush love. Don’t rush anything in your life. It will happen when its time.

2 thoughts on “Love Will Happen When It’s Time”

  1. So true. But often times we compare our journey to others and we are too impatient to enjoy the process of waiting. Nice post. Thank you for sharing.


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